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    Gran Corso, Great Independence Parade

    [carousel exclude="4011" orderby ="name" interval="7000" comments="0" file="0"] August 21st: Every year the (Gran Corso de Wong) Great Independence Parade dazzles and delights about 50,000 spectators with floats, marching bands, and Peruvian costume clad dancers from the coast, highlands and jungle. Plus you will see plenty of beauty queens, models and promos thrown in, in glorious consumer. . .


    Festidanza Trujillo – International Folk Dance Festival

    [carousel exclude="4011" orderby ="name" interval="7000" comments="0" file="0"] Every year dance troupes from around the world come to the Festidanza Trujillo - International Folk Dance Festival in Trujillo, Perú and wow spectators with a parade, events at the Coliseum Gran Chimu, presentations in public squares and special guest appearances. Typically more than a dozen countries participate with. . .


    Guide: Basilica Cathedral of Lima and Museum of Religious Art

    On the east side of Plaza Mayor lies the Roman Catholic, neoclassical twin tower, colonial structured Basilica Cathedral of Lima (la Basílica Catedral de Lima) with its grand nave and 14 side chapels. An interesting conglomeration of late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles, the cathedral was at one time designed to emulate the Cathedral. . .


    Peru Independence Day Celebration Inauguration Event

    The Peruvian Independence Day Celebration officially consists of three days: June 24th which is Country Persons day, July 28th, is celebrates the day José de San Martín proclaimed Peru's independence and July 29th is reserved to honor the Armed Forces and National Police of Peru. The celebration is typically considered a week-long and there are. . .


    Peruvian Great Military Parade

    Sweet Corn Tamales

    Each year on July 29th Peru honors its military and police and continues to celebrate the anniversary of Peru's independence from Spain. Parades are held in many municipalities throughout Peru, but no parade is bigger or displays more pomp than the Great Military Parade held in Lima. The Civic Military Parade proceeds along a 30 block stretch of. . .


    Fast Food and Peru

    bad data and sensationalism

    In a slowly progressing series of global media blunders news agencies like the Economist†, Bloomberg* and our own beloved Peru this Week†† made outlandish claims about Peru having the highest density of fast-food restaurants in the world. Thankfully for Peru, all such claims were and still are untrue. However, the real story that the Fast-Food. . .


    Peru Maintains Lead: World Top Culinary Destination and More!

    Huaca Pucllana adobe and clay pyramid

    For the second year in a row, Peru was named South America's Leading Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards, which is considered by some to be 'the Oscars of the travel industry'. Last December the same organization named Peru the 'World's Leading Culinary Destination'. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the organization accepts votes from. . .


    Holy Cross of Motupe Religious Festival

    Every August 1-14th the heavy, Holy Wooden Cross of Motupe (Cruz de Motupe), which lives in a protected cave most of the year is brought out on the shoulders of faithful through the towns of Salitral and Zapote, making a long journey eventually to the town of Motupe where over a ten-day period, about 25,000. . .


    “Feria Dominical” Huancayo Sunday Outdoor Market

    clothing at the outdoor market in Huancayo

    Feria Dominical is Peru's largest outdoor market, which is in Huancayo every Sunday, from 9 am to 10 pm, and stretches about 12 blocks on Av. Huancavelica (usually from the Coliseo Wanka to Colegio Salesiano Tecnico Don Bosco). Huancavelica runs parallel with Real a five block walk from Plaza de la Constitución. To find it from there, stand with your. . .


    Beautiful Huancayo, Peru

    sunset in Huancayo

    I've lived in Huancayo, Peru now for 18 months and I must say it is a safe, peaceful, relaxing, big-little city (with a greater Huancayo population of nearly 1/2 million people). At an elevation of 3,300 meters (which is 10,826 feet or over two miles high) travelers often need to acclimatize (by taking it easy). . .