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    Rocoto Relleno, Best Stuffed Red Pepper Recipe

    Boiling makes the peppers mild

    I love peppers, I like meatloaf and I love the idea of stuffed bell peppers, so why am I usually a bit disappointed with them? The stuffed bell pepper recipes I have eaten my whole life from the States are usually stuffed with ground meat and rice and then topped with a can of tomato. . .


    Growing and Brewing Coffee in Peru

    Brewing coffee using La Cafetera

    Below is a brief overview of coffee growing in Peru, followed by photos and instructions on hot and cold brewing using a "La Cafetera". Coffee Growing in Peru Peru is by far the largest supplier of Fair Trade certified coffee to the United States†. Their coffee is largely organically produced, mostly by small family growers with 2-5. . .


    Mushroom Chard Saltado Linguine with Huancaina Sauce

    Here is an excellent Peruvian Chifa fusion dish. It's different because serving Linguine (Tallerines) with Huancaina Sauce topped with a Chifa Saltado (a uniquely Peruvian Stir fry) isn't something people would publicize doing (but I know they secretly like it). I've had people admit their mothers prepare pasta like this at home, looking at me. . .


    Avocado Ice-cream Recipe

    If you have an avocado tree, or a bunch of avocados happen to come into your possession you will quickly get to the point where you've had a great deal of guacamole, avocado sandwiches, avocado salads, stuffed avocados (I will share a good Peruvian recipe for this later), and maybe even cold avocado soup. What. . .


    Oven Roasting Green Coffee Beans at Home, Easily!

    Grinding coffee in a blender.

    [carousel exclude="744,749,757,758" interval="5000" comments="0" file="0"] As a coffee exporter, we have many green coffee beans to sample, and because we travel around the country a lot, we sadly we don't always have a coffee roaster on hand. Since anyone here in Peru can get green coffee beans easily and inexpensively, I thought I'd share how we oven roast green beans. . .


    Peruvian Salsa Macha

    coarsely chopped Aji Mirasol peppers

      Not Peruvian at all, but Mexican, I think Peruvians would approve and enjoy what this wonderful Mexican recipe does with their glorious Mirasol pepper. Hope you agree! Salsa Macha is an oily concoction of chopped dried peppers and salt. Sometimes the peppers are smoked, roasted or fried, sometimes not. Often, you will find recipes calling for. . .


    Lomo Saltado

    The Peruvian dish, Lomo Saltado

    The flavor and texture combinations are unbeatable. Lomo Saltado is a stir-fry of steak, onions, spicy yellow peppers, and tomato wedges with a soy sauce, garlic and vinegar based sauce all served over a bed of crispy steak fries. Heaven. The flavors are obvious: savory meat and zippy vegetables served over a starchy, fried potato drizzled with a. . .


    Lucuma Ice-cream Recipe

    Lucuma flesh and seed

    Lucuma Ice-cream is undoubtedly Peru's favorite flavor. While I don't know the statistics, I can say that in many markets and stores close to a third of all of the ice-cream in the freezer is Lucuma. It can be plain or served with wonderful swirls of chocolate (or cacao). In Italy, there is Spumoni and in the. . .


    “Papas a la Huancaína” History and Recipe

    Mildly spicy, but not mild (!), Aji Amarillo adds great flavor to many Peruvian classic dishes such as Papas a la Huancaína and Lomo Saltado

    For those who have already traveled to Perú, no doubt they've had or at least seen this popular Peruvian classic dish consisting of cold potatoes served with a cheese sauce. Made from only a few ingredients the entire dish can be made in the time it takes to boil a few potatoes (papas). But the. . .


    Lucuma Cake Recipe

    Double layered, Lucuma spice cake filled with coconut and frosted with bitter chocolate. Yummy!

    Perú has many wonderful native fruits and Lucuma is very popular, often prepared as an ice-cream. My love for Lucuma ice-cream, especially with swirls of chocolate, tempted me to develop a recipe for Lucuma Cake, with of course chocolate frosting. Lucuma and chocolate or (cacao) seem to go well together and you will often see them paired. I. . .