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    The Cost of Groceries in Peru

    organic produce peru

    Look at all of the locally produced, farm fresh, wholesome fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese and bread you can get for S/. 61.10, which at the time of posting was $22.04 USD, in Huancayo, Peru! A lot of foods are a great deal cheaper in Huancayo than anywhere in North America, and actually less expensive than many other places. . .


    Gringo-Peruvian Potato Salad

    North American potato salad with different potatoes

    Here in Peru I'm surrounded by hundreds of varieties of potatoes and a myriad of new ways to prepare them. But with all of the new recipes and exiting Peruvian cuisine, sometimes I just get a hankering for good old North American potato salad. But who can resist these "Papas Nativas Peruanas Andinas" starchy, golden-purple colored. . .


    “Feria Dominical” Huancayo Sunday Outdoor Market

    clothing at the outdoor market in Huancayo

    Feria Dominical is Peru's largest outdoor market, which is in Huancayo every Sunday, from 9 am to 10 pm, and stretches about 12 blocks on Av. Huancavelica (usually from the Coliseo Wanka to Colegio Salesiano Tecnico Don Bosco). Huancavelica runs parallel with Real a five block walk from Plaza de la Constitución. To find it from there, stand with your. . .